About Us

About Us

Welcome to Subli Vinyl Blanks UK.
We are a family business for vinyl and sublimation blanks. The idea is to not only sell blanks to my members but also to create a supporting community where everyone respect each other.

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Saima, I m a mother of two young kids a boy who has just turned 13 and a daughter who is 9.

I am a pastry chef, Cake artist, a Designer and a crafter.

I started my business as cake artist 9 years ago while working as SENCO and nursery nurse, my passion for baking took me to study patisserie, after which I said good bye to my SENCO job and joined one of Raymond Blanc’s restaurant. After a year of working extremely hard I realised I have to start full time business because I was not being able to give time to my two young kids. So in 2017 one day I just resigned. Then I planned my business for few months and launched it in July 2017. With my extrem hard work amd countless sleepless nights I gained popularity in my local community and I was one of the finalist of best startup businesses in Croyodn in 2018.

In September 2018 I opened my own vintage Tearoom inside House Of Fraser Croydon untill the Covid hit us and we had to close it for the time being.

I started crafting with cake toppers for my cakes and cupcakes and then it grew into passion with times.

While I was crafting I started planning the wholesale business for blanks. And now after two years of research and hard work I m ready to create my own group.

This group is not only about wholesale blanks but also to support the crafters, nee or experienced.

Here no question is a stupid question and no one is know it all.

I will appreciate my group members respect each other and follow the simple group rules. Treat it as their own and share their experiences, failures and success. We all started from somewhere and I would really like to see the new crafters having the confidence when they ask questions without being told off. Same applies to new crafters to listen and respect the other experienced crafters and businesses.